Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lebanese and Arab Artists Translated to English

Ever wondered what the names of some artists you know would be if someone translated them to English?
Well here you are :D

Melhem Barakat = Meaty Blessings
Wadih El Safi = The Clear Meek
George Wassouf = George and the Wool
Oum Koulthoum = The Mother of All Garlic
Ragheb Alameh = Wishes for a Grade
Amr Diab = The Age of Wolves
Assi El Hallani = Subordinate Made Me Pretty
Fadl Shaker = Favor of the Thankful
Hani Shaker = The Carefree Thankful
Kazem Al Saher = Repressed the Watchful
May Hariri = Silky Water
Walid Toufic = Born out of Success
Moein Shreif = An Honest Helper
Naim El Sheikh = The Sheikh's Paradise
Fares Karam = Knight of Generousity
Saber Al Robai = The Quadrilateral is Patient
Ilham Al Madfai = The Gunner's Inspiration
Nawal Al Zoghby = Hand Over the Fluffy
Nabil Shoeil = Duke of the Flame
Rami Ayache = Thrower of the Reviver

Feel free to suggest your own in the comments section :)

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