Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Shoes with "Allah - Mohammad - Islam" imprinted on the soles!

The story goes as follows:

لوسمحت انشر هذه الرساله باقصي سرعه ال كل من تعرفه
حيث وجد هذا الحذاء ومكتوب
عليه من الاسفل كلمات ( الله - محمد - الاسلام) عمدا لان الشركة فلاي فيت مقرها في هيوستن/ اميركا
ولكم الأجر
و سعر
الحذاء واضح
ارجو النشر
لكي تفشل هذه الشركه فشلا كبيرا
و تخسر 

Or in English:
Please spread this message the fastest you can to everyone you know.
This pair of shoes was found with "Allah - Mohammad - Islam" purposefully inscribed on its soles since the company Fly Feet is based in Houston/America.
May god reward you.
The price on the shoes is clear.
Please spread it so that this company fails miserably and loses.

The shoes in question would be these:


Now I'm usually skeptical about any conspiracy theory, especially the ones that are religion-based and the ones that go viral this way. What made me more doubtful was the inscription itself. The font resembles nothing in Arabic, in fact it almost looks like cursive..

Come to think of it..

Well.. I'll be damned!
If you invert the picture it clearly reads Louis Vuitton
It seems that either someone had manipulated the picture to create controversy, or that simply - since these appear to be cheap knock-offs - the sole molding was inverted, creating this blasphemous shoe.
There you have it, conspiracy debunked!


  1. Use a mirror to look into the picture, it reads Louis Bouitton and nothing else. Please do not confuse people with false informations to create hatred and disorder.

  2. that clearly word of Allah & Muhammad in Arabic words.. Art????!!

  3. But just take a look at the ticket price, it's written right in the first pic, not the second

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