Saturday, October 9, 2010

بيروت أوّل شتوة

Beirut.. My city.
The corniche, this stretch of sidewalk that shared so many laughs, so many tears, so many kisses, so many sighs, so many smokes, and so many memories with me. The corniche is my ever loyal friend who listens to me without interruption and who gives me advice (every bit of Beirut is a living creature, i won't refer to her as "it"). I used to hate it when it rained but now rain has a certain meaning to me, and yesterday the corniche was ever so glamourous and calm after the first rainfall - أوّل شتوة. I managed to take a few pictures with my phone camera that I would like to share with you as is, no retouching or anything. Enjoy!

This made me realize that I need to get myself a real camera (yel3an hanh badde zabbit el exposure!). Please feel free to leave me your suggestions for a capable but not too complicated camera.


  1. feels warm although your are talking about rain and cold weather

  2. Balleshlak bi shi pocket camera mni7a.