Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dear Spinneys, the civil war is over!

I was going through my receipts when I found this little jewel. Apparently the folks at Spinneys haven't realized that Beirut hasn't been divided in 21 years!

Can someone please pay attention to this and change it? I can understand that some people still have the East and West Beirut mentality, but for a reputable supermarket chain to use such terms, it's so bad on so many levels!


  1. With all due respect, but using "west beirut" on a supermarket receipt has nothing to do with the usual east and west beirut connotation!!!
    In every town there's an eastern and a western side...just because beirut was formerly divided into east and west based on religion differences does not make "east" and "west" wrong to use 30 years after the civil war is over.

  2. Thanks for your comment. While the intentions behind using "West Beirut" could be benign, such a term can be easily misinterpreted since this is still a very sensitive issue. To most Lebanese, the terms "East" and "West" will automatically bring back the thought of the sectarian division. This is beyond any doubt a risk that Spinneys should have averted.