Thursday, September 9, 2010

To Eid or not to Eid, that is the question!

Here I am, working on what was supposed to be a holiday!
Why can't people agree on a unified Hijri calendar once and for all?
You can't imagine addeh shou3our raw3a waking up today 15 minutes before your shift starts (The commute to work takes me around 10 minutes), putting on whichever shirt and jeans you can put your hands on, starting your car and rushing through half-empty streets to get to work. Even worse is the feeling that you have to greet your co-workers which just yesterday wished you happy holidays. Arghh those emails that keep popping up every few minutes are perfect reminders that today was supposed to be off..

A fellow co-worker sent me this today, which i found very clever, so this is to wish you a happy Fitr :)

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  1. Had the same feeling when i was there :)and this is a very real #KE7 from me to you :)