Sunday, September 26, 2010

El sha3r el 7arir, 3al khoudoud yehafhaf!

I was thinking about it today. Why do we (men) like a woman's hair so much? Come to think of it, the effect these strands have when they go down the shoulders of a beautiful woman is fascinating, considering it's just hair. Ziad El Rahbani once noted this: when hair is on the shoulders of a woman it's something you want to twirl, smell and kiss (ok maybe not as it will end up between your teeth, not good), but should - God forbid - one hair of the same locks you were stroking / twirling / petting just moments earlier ends up on your table or in your soup it's the end of the world! It's a bit ironic isn't it?

A Woman's Crown and Glory
For me, long hair is the ultimate expression of femininity and sensuality. Nothing is sexier than running your hand into a woman's beautiful wavy locks (provided she hasn't ruined them with hairspray or any similar crap) to reveal her cheeks and neck. It's like a gift, would you want your gift without the excitement of unwrapping it in anticipation (especially when the wrapper smells so good)? It's just not the same. I find it similar with women with short hair, they've just taken away the joy of unwrapping the gorgeous gift.
I think any man would agree that we'd prefer reaching out and finding real hair rather than some spiky hairdo. If I wanted to play with short hair I'd play with my own!
Here's where I address the females (jens 7awwa) directly. Ladies please do not screw up your hair,don't cut it too short, don't dye it in all sorts of colors, don't bleach it, don't glue it, don't experiment too much with it, burn it, and abuse it. WE DON'T LIKE THAT! Take care of it and let it flow like the wild creature it is..
Thank you.


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