Sunday, January 23, 2011

I don't want this country.

3am bet2akhar la ektob ba3rif.
Badkon te3zrouneh because sometimes life takes you away from life.
How much do we have left of it? Here in Lebanon that is.
We have so much going around us these days it's hard not to think about our situation. Ok we are the party people w "yay jeye Armin" and "screw the bombs we will rise from under the ashes". But is that really true?
Ma 7ada menkon ya jame3a 7asis eno ne7na sha3b bey3ina w mesh 3am nfakkir ab3ad men menkharna? Why are we following the clowns that dare to call themselves polititians so blindly? El lezzeh wein, eno ne7na mnetghanna eno 3anna 7erieh b3aks kel el shou3oub el 3arabieh. Yet what are we doing with the so-called freedom that we have? We are taking the key and locking ourselves in. Lesh 3atoul badna njib el kharej la "yse3edna" w "yed3am masiret el isti2lel" w "yed3am el ma7kameh" w "yed3am khat el moukawameh". Sorry bas la jame3et 14 3an min mesta2ellin ne7na bel zabet? W min 3am n7akim? Jame3et 8, ne7na shou 3am n2awim bel zabet? Kello shi3arat fadyeh w ma ela ma3na w bel ekhir feytin bel 7eit!
Ne7na sorna mest2ellin 3an el 7ayet el tabi3ieh w mesh 3am n2awim ella 7alna!
Wloooh shou hal balad yalli we2if 3a arar zanneh yalli houwe sha2fet war2a! Ma32oul raskon?!
Let's wake up people and see what the real situation is, God knows how many billions of national debt, and a dysfuntional country that has been sitting on a powder keg for the last two centuries to the least.
Wlak how dare we consider ourselves to be intelligent while not revolting against this nonsense?
We have become vegetative persons who are programmed to watch politics and wait for the Beik, the Sheikh, the General, or the Sayed to speak so we know whether this week will pass without a civil war, all while partying ntebho!
Ta3o fakkro ma3e ya khaye aren't we acting like a bunch of idiots eno ya ba it's only a matter of time before civil strife takes place. Eno sheyfin el msibeh edemna w natrina tsir instead of preventing it. Why? Why have we become so lazy that we are willing to sacrifice our existence because.. Oh well it's happening anyway?
Do you even realize how stupid that is?
Wake the hell up why are they hearding us like that? Who said that I want to live in a country where i have to kill or get killed? And for whom? And for what?
"This is Lebanon, love it or leave it". NO! Who said that I should love it the way it is? And who said that I want to leave it? What about improving it? Has anyone given that a thought?
Leish ana badde ettar kel ma efta7 "Lebanon Files" efta7 men ba3da ra2san "Immigration Canada"?
I don't want to leave, but I don't want this country.
Kollouna lel watan?
3an jad?
Min kollouna?
Min ne7na?
W aya watan?
Khalina nettefi2 3a watan ba3den men sir kellna elo!
A French history teacher once told me "le Liban ne sera jamais un etat-patrie" (Lebanon well never be a homeland state), and I sadly believe this is the single truest statement I have ever heard about Lebanon. I had hoped at that time, some 12 years ago, that we would prove her wrong. To this day I fail to see us do that.
Well... Khallia 3a Allah, la2? Mneb2a men zabbeta 3a fadaweh..


  1. I tried many times to comment ma zabatet!
    Well, I like so much ur post, and YES, u should write more often :)

  2. Thanks Emilie, I know I should :S
    What didn't work btw?

  3. I tried to comment from my Iphone, ma ba3ref leih ma ken ya3mol post, hala2 mishi el 7al :) bas dal iktob! ta jarreb marra tenyi!

  4. You know, many times I have tried to "3abir" 3an mashe3reh la hal balad, khassatan our political parties - but I end up sounding biased. Reading this post, I swear... rte7et. I felt like everything I had to say was said - w fi ktar mitleh akid.

    You asked: "Sorry bas la jame3et 14 3an min mesta2ellin ne7na bel zabet? W min 3am n7akim? Jame3et 8, ne7na shou 3am n2awim bel zabet?"

    Manna mesta2ellin tala ma kil balad bil 3alam bado yedakhal 3enna, w ni7na 2ablenin.. la w mish bas heik.... 3am nra7ib feehon kamein. 3am n2awim 3a ba3edna - and at the same time sirna maskhara la kil el 3alam.

    Please, right more... this post got a lot of things off my chest just by reading it, I cant imagine how it felt writing it.

  5. Thanks Ali, I haven't writen in a long time but your words are definitely encouraging :)
    Expect more very soon :)