Monday, November 1, 2010

Beautiful Sunday: Tourist in my own country

Nothing beats going out on a quiet Sunday to enjoy the beautiful weather and the scenery, especially when you live in Beirut. This sunday I spent the nicest day with my friend, it turned out we both have the same passion for nature (to put it in her words "tnaynetna 3anna nafs el washeh") and we came up with these pictures.
These were taken from El Maaisra, Kesrwan and Jbeil.

I REEEAAALY need to get myself a camera (this was taken using a cell phone) which I will this week hopefully (men koun abadna :D ).

I hope you enjoy the pictures like I enjoyed taking them (and everything else for that matter)!


  1. wow nice, thank you for sharing these lovely pictures, when i return i am gonna join you guys , cuz nature is my passion as well ,