Sunday, December 12, 2010

Shooting in Lebanon!

Whoa! It's been like a month or so since I've posted anything here, this is because I've been extremely busy with a couple of things.
I finally found a chance to sit at home and do absolutely nothing, which means a new blog post :D I think I'll have to thank the weather for that.
The title of the post might give you the idea to go and stock up on canned foods and candles but no, nobody is going to shoot anybody (at least I hope so!). The only shooting I'm talking about is with that "real camera" I've been talking about for ages, which I finally got two weeks ago after a long long research on many forums (and annoying the hell out of my friends). I think I'm really getting into this thing, photography is awesome, I still have a whole lot to learn tough!
So without further ado, meet the first few pictures I took with my Nikon D5000!

My first attempt at bokeh, this is our chandelier

My Keyboard

My Mother's Bemyeh In The Making :D
Oranges in our fruit basket

Some pomergranates on our kitchen table

Byblos shot from Al-Maaisra

Mount Lebanon from Manara

Saint George and Ain El Mreysseh area, I first wanted to crop the picture but decided to leave the people (and the bullet ridden Holiday Inn) as they add that unique life in the Corniche to the picture
The Pole Facing AUB

The AUB clock tower

Another shot of Mount Lebanon, showing the famous Zouk Pillars (3weimid el Zouk)

A fisherman on the coast of Ain El Mreisseh

Ain El Mreysseh, the (D)Evolution or Chassez L'Intrus

Mahsoubkon in action :) (By Mariam Seif El Dine)
I was planning to go to Byblos and Batroun this weekend to shoot more before it started raining cats and dogs so for now I'll stick with these pictures :)


  1. That's great! Looking forward to many, many more pictures. Don't stop. Keep your camera with you at all times. (One thought, maybe you can put the watermark at the bottom of the pictures because sometimes it spoils them.) Looking forward to more :-)

  2. Thanks Micha, I don't think I will it's pretty addictive! And you have a point regarding the watermark I'll move it a bit :)

  3. And when is my photo shooting session :P..??

    PS: Don't let me touch the cam :D