Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Unexpected

It was December 16th.
Here I was, spending what I like to call "Rabih Time", cruising in the car to clear my head, when I found myself in Zouk Mikael. Zouk has a special place in my heart, I just love its basalt pathways, its stone walls, its wooden doors, its flowery stairways, and that restaurant overseeing the bay of Jounieh with a fountain in the middle (I can't seem to remember its name) where an older man greets you with a friendly smile and invites you in..
Of course, I had my camera on standby and was able to capture some photos of this wonderful place, some which I will share with you as usual (click here to see them)..
It's not what this post is about though.. this post is about the unexpected in life. You see, on that particular day the most unexpected thing happened to me when I came back from Zouk, and I'm grateful it happened.. Only one person in the world other than myself knows what exactly that is, here's to the person who knows :)
My point is, sometimes you plan too much and what really happens is the unexpected. I have come to love throwing plans to the wind and letting life take its course.
Sometimes destiny wants to be in the driver's seat, just relax, go with the flow, and enjoy the ride.. The result could be better than anything you'd ever planned for..
December 16th.. a day to remember..


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